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Netherton Creative Map

Using the Map:

Click the image above to explore the map ⬆️

The map has links to images, sound recordings, and videos.

These links are marked by red outlines on the map.

The Netherton Creative Map is a digital time capsule project focused on the past, present and future of Netherton and it surroundings. Through interviews and workshops, we have gathered memories, recordings and messages for the future to create a community-directed, participatory digital artwork for Netherton. 

This project was led by Lee Mackenzie and Lauren Hatchard, and funded by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council; it was supported by Creative Black Country, as part of Arts Council England's Creative People and Places scheme, and CoLab Dudley.

We would like to thank:

Tim Newey 

Beverley Stanford 

Kerry O'Coy

Rosalind Argo

Fiona Dye

Joe Tyers

Adam Tyers

Ruth Lindley 

Sam Mansfield 

Liam Emerson

Maurice Millard Hurp

Jan Millard Hurp

Amy Griffiths

Ty Griffiths

Marie Willets

Mabel Blewitt

Sandra Cox

Katie Coates

Claire Simmonds

Ruth Chidlow

Derrrick Childlow

Arthur Meese

Martin Stewart Fox

Caroline Stewart Fox

Margaret Danks

Alison Danks

Joan Hill

Roma Winchurch

and everyone else at the Friendship Group!

Netherton Creative Map

Words: Lee Mackenzie

Visuals: Lauren Hatchard



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