My creative writing workshops are exciting and helpful spaces in which to be inspired and refresh your thinking. They are fun and accessible, regardless of your abilities. 

In these sessions, we look to produce a poem or short fictional story in response to a new idea, perspective or initiative: the topic of the workshop is flexible.


I love working with new people, groups and institutions to understand the outcomes they wish to achieve and I research my brief closely to ensure the usefulness of our time together.

So whether you are looking to: 

  • enhance your creativity

  • improve your use of English in a creative context

  • improve your analytical skills

  • widen your perspectives,


I have the capacity to help. I have 5 years of experience as a teacher of English and I have a wide range of experience running writing workshops in both formal and informal settings.

We can also walk and write! My creative workshops can be combined with walking through an environment. I find this can help to encourage a connection with place or get the ideas flowing. I use prompts and questions throughout the walk then give participants time to draft their work in a more traditional, seated setting.

If you think this sounds like an interesting concept for your institution or group, (perhaps as a team-building exercise) or if you have any questions, please contact me using the button below.

Estimated Price:

20 GBP (per person per hour. 4 people min.)

Price varies according to project. I am open to variable rates for unemployed people or people in low-wage employment; please ask. 



"Lee’s poetry class is suitable for all levels of experience.  As a beginner he will put you at ease and be on hand to help you.  Lee has prompts and challenges to inspire you throughout the class.  You will go home with the beginnings of a poem or at the very least an idea for one. Lee is generous with his time and will be there to provide constructive criticism so you’ll end up with verse that you can be proud of. I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple of hours."


"Lee packed a great range of exercises into the workshop, and made full use of the beautiful surroundings of the Walthamstow Wetlands. The pace varied throughout in a really effective way to keep the energy and ideas flowing. I came away with a new understanding of ways to pin down the purpose of a poem and a developing first draft."


"Here [Walthamstow Wetlands] I attended a superb and inspiring course in poetry. We were taught about structure: Start with a theme, reintroduce it as a rhythm throughout, bring it in at the end. I hadn't really considered a structure like this in my poetry. There was also something very exciting I hadn't reckoned on learning, my poetry was a bit of alright!"


"I attended three of Lee's poetry workshops and found them to be both entertaining and enlightening. He delivered well-planned, researched and thoughtful workshops through a combination of outside and classroom based writing exercises and prompts and enabled us to look at nature through different perspectives.

We were encouraged to share our writing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere but no pressure if sharing was not for you."


"Great to spend time observing the landscape and being given a structure to generate ideas. Good to have a wide range of exercises."

Anonymous Feedback 1

"Creatively interesting... more of this please!"

Anonymous Feedback 2

"Inspirational, fun and thought-provoking."

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