If you are looking for the right words and ideas to impact on a person, audience or customer-base, I am able to help. 

Whether you want to commission a poem or communicate your latest initiative in a striking and novel way, I have the creative expertise and a strong understanding of the English language to help with your personal and work projects. 

I would be able to:

  • develop and support projects using the English language in an artistic and multimedia context 

  • engage a wider audience through the production of exciting artistic responses and content

  • improve audience/customer experience through interactive engagement with your content or initiative.

I have particular experience of communicating research to a wider public and presenting these ideas through a range of media. I enjoy the process of working with collaborators and empathising with a variety of audiences.

To discuss your project or idea, or if you have any questions, please contact me using the button below.


Multimedia Commissions/Projects: Price on Application

Poem (20-40 lines): 150 GBP 

Price varies according to the project. I am open to variable rates for unemployed people or people in low-wage employment; please ask. 


'Jewels in the Dark' involved several artists working collaboratively and developed ideas from the remit provided by us.

The resulting work is engaging and will be a beacon for other universities.

©2019 by Lee Mackenzie.