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Winterbourne Gardens 

This is a flat-pack workshop for anyone attending Winterbourne Gardens. 

1. Walk around Winterbourne Gardens listening to the audio guide.

2. Respond to its prompts.

3. Print out the flat-pack map.

4. Cut out its illustrations, then arrange and embellish the map as you perceive the space.

4a. Share with me @poetrymaps and @granduniongallery; use #winterbournepoetrymap

Winterbourne Flat Pack Map.jpg

Flat Pack Map 

These are illustrations of items you will find in Winterbourne Gardens. 

It is for you to cut them out, arrange and embellish them in a way that suits your perception of the gardens. 


Audio Guide

This is a 30-minute audio guide to accompany your walk around Winterbourne Gardens. 

Listen to and complete its prompts. They will help you to produce your map.

Workshop Images

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